Alpha Capital

Alpha Capital’s announcement for a change in the Board Members of the Alpha Saudi Equity Fund

Alpha Capital is announcing changes in the membership of the board of directors of Alpha Saudi Equity Fund due to the resignation of the Fund’s board Chairman Mr. Moath Naeem Al Naeem, Non-independent Member effective from 02/01/1441H corresponding to 01/09/2019G, Therefore, Alpha Saudi Equity fund’s new board of directors members will be:

  1. Abdulrahman Khalid Al Damer – Chairman – Non independent member.
  2. Ahmed Abdullah Al Jomaih – Non independent member.
  3. Aliasgar Lilamwala – Non independent member.
  4. Mohammed Talal Mohammed Arab – Non independent member.
  5. Naif Mohammed Hasan Al Jeshi – Independent member.
  6. Bandar Mohammed Al Damer – Independent member.